While these are a few of the most asked questions, we are confidant that there are many more. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your thought, question, or good old fashion feedback. Thank You!

Are Foam Kits offered for Bengel's Seat Frames?

No, we do not offer foam kits. Over time we have found that most of our seat frames are being covered by very qualified upholsters who would like to have full control of the seat build from scratch. With more than 18 different densities of foam to choose from the chances of us picking the correct density of foam for your Upholster would not be wise. We have experienced that most reputable upholsters would rather build up your seat foam support where it is desired and needed. Not where we think it needs to be. Typically if they are going to stand behind their work they want to know exactly what material they are working with and how long it is going to retain its properties. One size, shape, and density does not suit all!

Will the Bengel's Seat Frames accept the original seat covers?

No, they most likely will not fit.All of our seat frames are our own designs and shapes. While we do make an extra effort to insure that the seat shape and design is era correct, there is enough difference in the shapes that the standard seat covers will not fit. This isn't to say that we couldn't make you a custom seat frame that could accept an original type cover. Please contact us if this is what your needs are.

Will the Bengel's Seats Frames bolt to the original mounting locations?

No, not necessarily. Typically our seat frames are placed in modified cars that have had the rusty floors removed, customized, reconfigured and reinstalled. If you have a vehicle that this is a critical issue with please contact us with the measurements and we will do all that is possible to match up your mounting points with the original locations.

What is the finish on the frames and why?

The seats are finished in Gloss Black Paint. In today's modern vehicles the OEM seat frames are bare metal with no need to even paint the frames. They are manufactured and installed directly into the climate controlled vehicle free from rust forming moisture. Most of the seat frames we build go world wide and directly to the car builder. The typical seat frame is not installed for a lengthy time after being shipped. Our main concern is giving the new owner enough time to work with the new frame without the fear of surface rust forming. Many of our seat frames have subtle modifications performed by the upholstery shop that is unique to the way they work. For this reason Powder Coating that is hard to remove, work around, and match is not used.

Do the Bengel seats recline back flat?

They can...But typically no.Bengel Seat recliner mechanisms tilt forward and aft of straight up about 45 Degrees. This makes for easy access behind the seat as well as finding that sweet and comfortable driving position. We do get requests from time to time to build seats that fully recline. We do have access to the recliner mechanisms that allow for a full range of motion. If this is what your need is please contact us so we can discuss exactly what is involved.

Will Bengels ship out of the Continental United States of America?

No, not at this time. Bengels seat frames are shipped world wide as we work well with the Export Brokerage house of your choice. We ship via FedEx daily and can deliver anywhere in the Continental USA. Call or email us with your zip code and we can quote your delivery fee.

What is the typical Delivery time after I order my seat frame?

Two to three weeks after receipt of order for a standard style seat. Three to Four weeks A.R.O. for a custom built seat. While this is our rule of thumb our workload does vary from time to time. If a shorter delivery time is an issue please contact us and we will see what we can do to expedite your order.

Does Bengels offer distributorship?

No. Not at this time. At Bengels we strongly feel that the vintage car hobby should be as affordable as possible and with in the grasp of anyone who has a passion for the old tin. We have decided to keep the price of our product affordable by skipping the distribution level of the retailers and passing the savings on to our customers...you!

Why different seat ride heights?

Seat ride height preferences vary from car to car. We offer two different ride heights on our Retro Standard Seats. So many of the antique and classics on the road today have been modified with mild to extreme chop tops. The seat back remains the standard height in both chopped and un chopped vehicles usually with the seat back top topping off just above the bottom of the window reveals. The problem starts with the head room as it is now closer to the roof. A 6" seat height is our standard seat ride height with a 4" seat height available for the extremely chopped vehicles. Keep in mind that the 6" ride height is typically enough for a mild chop on a car of these eras. Along these lines if your ride has been channeled or sectioned the back of the seat will look too tall in the car if it is left the standard seat height. We can make the seat back to any height you desire... Please use the custom seat page if this is what you are dealing with. As custom car builders we have been there and done that and know exactly what your up against. So feel free to contact us if you have any seat questions at all.