At Bengels we create custom seat frames to your specifications. We specialize in modern replacement seat frames for a wide variety of antique and classic vehicles. From extreme hot rods to customs, ranging from the early 20’s to the 70’s. Almost all of our bench seat frames can be built with flip up bases which allows use of typically un used space. It is also an ideal place for mounting electrical components while retaining easy access to them. Keep in mind that all this is being done while retaining the correct look of the era the seat is intended for.

As custom car builders we have truly learned what is needed in a custom seat frame. From the days when we bought from the competition and chopped their seats up to make them work, To improving on their products and building some of the most sought after custom seat frames in the world. We have hundreds of frames in some of the nicest rides out there.

Bengels bench seat frames are available in reclining full back bench, split back bench, or tapered split back bench configurations. We are offering options of arm rests, head rests, internally mounted speakers, seat heaters, seat sliders and a long long list of other custom options. Seats are delivered via Fedex to the customer laced with Zig Zag no sag springs, fully painted and ready to upholster and install. Give us the nod by filling out the Custom Frame Quote Form at the above link. Let us get started on your custom seat frame today. As always we look forward to helping you with your project.